Moonstones and Solar Panels

Two very interesting things happened to me this week. I have been compelled to write to share the healing light with you all!

I went to a Crystal convention. That is not the unusual part, as I am always going to such conventions. I actually travel quite far just to attend. Most recently, I wanted to collect moonstones, which are sodium potassium aluminum silicate, known as feldspar. According to wikipedia, the Romans believed this decorative and ceremonial treasure was actually constructed out of  moonbeams made solid.

Although moonstone has been a treasured gem for thousands of years, it hasn’t been used often since the Art Nouveau period. Moonstones are having a comeback in jewelry collections. This is a good sign, as the stone is associated with femininity, mystery, romance and… POETRY!

April happens to be National Poetry Month.

So, I traveled out of town to this convention in San Diego. It was small, in one ballroom in a hotel. It was a beautiful day, and as the sun shone in the windows, I felt funny picking out all these moonstones. They were beautiful, yes. And they would be much more beautiful at night in the sun. I loaded up my back and went back to my Air B&B.

There, I lay out my stones and was preparing to go to sleep when the lights went out!

I tried to turn them back on several times to no avail. That’s when I saw the moonstones. Sitting out on the table, they were aglow as if lit from inside. It was like a miracle, and my wish come true. I ran downstairs in the dark and went straight to the hotel bar. I wanted to show some people the otherworldly site

Well, after enjoying a blackout brew with some fellow travelers who all seemed normal, I asked them if they wanted to see something amazing. I brought them up to show them the stones laid out in the moonlight. They were standing there ooing and ahhing for less than a minute when the lights turned on!

I think we were all a bit disappointed.

“Amazing how quickly they fixed that. Technology these days!”

Well, a young man in our group said “You’re welcome” and laughed. When he saw how confused we all were, he explained himself: “I’m here to assess the hotel for rooftop solar!” So in the very same room, we had a woman with crystals that the ancients thought were made of moonbeams, and a young man who’s profession is harnessing the power of the sun! What are the chances that we ended up in the same room, and that we were able to see the moonstones in all their glory before retiring to the brilliance of sun-powered light?

Anyhoo, I gave him one of the small moonstones to give to his fiancé… “but not until the wedding night!” I warned. “They’re quite powerful!”

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