Crystals and Rubies

You would think that gems are gems, but really they are not. There is one major difference between those tiny, expensive stones in the windows of jewelry stores at the crystals that decorate many people’s homes, especially those of the “New Age” school of thought.

Unlike crystals, precious gems are flawless. They are perfect. They are little droplets of geometric and aesthetic purity and regulation.

In other words, they are not like us.

They are closer to heaven than to Earth, and we here on heaven need something we can relate to. Crystals are beautiful and rare. They strike us with awe and invoke wonder. However, they are not so rare or so even that they feel foreign to our fleshy frames. When a person holds a crystal, they hold something similar to themselves.

They hold something that is a good balance between heavenly and earthly.

Furthermore, if you work with crystals that have flaws, they are extra special because they are

Self Healing

Self healing means that although they encountered flaws or grime, they continued to form and mineralize in their true structure. They might have absorbed some things that distract from their pure color…. just like us. Just like a human being.

So when you wear a crystal, whether it be quartz, amethyst, labradorite, jade, or celestine, know that you are touching something that has been through a lot but came out beautiful.

I highly recommend checking out your nearest crystal shop and picking up some stones.

See how they make you feel!

Trust your intuition.

Self-Healing Quartz

It might not make sense for you right away, but over time, if you keep trying, the crystals will begin to teach you things.

In my experience with fine jewelry, its not quite the same. The rubies and emeralds feel good, but they don’t feel like they are communicating. They are existing in a parallel world of perfection, unlike crystals which are also straddling the divine.

Ironically, I was going to a crystal convention where all the dealers come out and show their collections when I popped a tire. I was going to the show because I was having some trouble in school and needed good luck, when poof! There went my tire. I didn’t stop right away and then I heard the bottom of my car scrape against the road.

I don’t know how I did it, but I caused some damage.

I called a tow truck company which is now my new best friend and they came out and helped me. Are you ready for the magical punchline? When we got to the auto mechanic, there were crystals on the reception desk. I’d never seen anything like that! It wasn’t a massage parlor or yoga studio, mind you.

So I knew that I was on the right path and in the right place.

The lesson came through loud and clear: crystals will be where you need them. And you will appreciate them even more. I am grateful to have had this insight.  I was able to go to the crystal show the next day, but that was almost unnecessary. I knew that no matter where I went, I couldn’t avoid what I am meant to be seeing.